The Ethics of Brain Death Diagnoses

“Brain death is final. It’s irreversible.”

“What about people who say brain dead folks recovered before?”

“Can’t happen by definition. Brain death is irreversible. If brain activity commences after a period of inactivity, then clearly it wasn’t brain death.”

“So it’s a misdiagnosis?”


“Even though doctors fulfilled all the…

South Sinai’s Premier Animal Activist — An Insider Story

A little over a year ago, at the end of February 2020, Anne Johnson — known to us; her friends, acquaintances, and fellow animal welfare activists in Egypt as “Janet Johnson” — was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Janet ran a unique, largely outdoor/partly indoor animal sanctuary on the outskirts…

A guide to Search Engine Optimisation for Writers

If you’re earning a living from writing, or you’re attempting to, or even just flirting with the idea, the odds are you’ve come across this phrase before. Search Engine Optimisation. The odds are you’ve also read the abbreviation for that phrase: SEO. Whether you’re slinging copy, boosting traffic on your…

I look outside the window. The snow is picturesque. In Canada, the cold has a tendency to get into your bones, but inside, in a warm and well-heated building, the white blanket covering the world is deceivingly beautiful. Canada in general is a beautiful country. In the summer, it feels…

Abdallah Al Alfy

Writer, Commentator, Pharmacist, Some-time poet. Love me. I command it.

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