In Past, Present, and Before God

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In the earliest days of Islam, marriage was theologically simpler. The theological rules of marriage were built on the religious viability of natural, existing, pre-Islamic relationships. They were uniform codifications of the rights, responsibilities, and social consideration for each party to a marriage in given situations; monogamy, polygyny, divorce, widowhood, and so on and so forth, etc etc.

Marriage in Islamic theology is a matter of declaration between two people religiously eligible to marry each other. It does not depend on a particular person or office’s seal of approval. The two words still used for “marriage” in Arabic are:


South Sinai’s Premier Animal Activist — An Insider Story

A little over a year ago, at the end of February 2020, Anne Johnson — known to us; her friends, acquaintances, and fellow animal welfare activists in Egypt as “Janet Johnson” — was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Janet ran a unique, largely outdoor/partly indoor animal sanctuary on the outskirts of the small, sunny, seaside town of Dahab, in South Sinai, Egypt. The land she ran that sanctuary on was known to local Bedouins as “Wadi Kalb” or “Wadi Klab”, meaning dog-valley, in Arabic. She herself called the sanctuary Janet’s Wadi. As the locals’ naming suggests, dogs were her primary…

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By the time Joshua had arrived Laura had already gotten a table and was sitting with a mug in front of her. She smiled as she spotted Lake rolling up to the table looking left and right about him slowly with a barely perceptible shade of concern around his brows and the corner of his mouth; holding himself just a little on guard. For anyone who had never met him and was unacquainted with the confidence that bordered on arrogance, with which he normally carried himself, he would not…

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By the time his cab had rolled up to the hospital gate it was already getting on in the day. The hassle from that junky-mugger incident had taken quite a bit of time and the traffic had been irritatingly slow to the burger place. There was a queue the length of the Mississippi when he got there, and the traffic to Jad’s hospital had been (if it were at all possible) even worse! Joshua got out and made his way past the gate then headed to the very far…

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*Trigger Warning: Violence, Murder, Etc*

In our dreams, we visit many places. Some of us anyway. And dreams come in many forms. There are dreams we don’t realise we’re dreaming, and then lucid dreams. Dreams that we know are dreams. A subtype of lucid dreams are dreams we can control. Seems straightforward enough. Right? Would that things simply fit in their boxes so elegantly. Not every dream we control is one where we know that we are dreaming. And some dreams, we only partially control. Today you hear the tale of one such dream. …

A guide to Search Engine Optimisation for Writers

If you’re earning a living from writing, or you’re attempting to, or even just flirting with the idea, the odds are you’ve come across this phrase before. Search Engine Optimisation. The odds are you’ve also read the abbreviation for that phrase: SEO. Whether you’re slinging copy, boosting traffic on your personal blog, or trying to drum up interest in your latest chapbook or novel, taking SEO into consideration nowadays is paramount. Several of you have likely been told that you need to improve your SEO skills for better career opportunities. …

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Looking around him he could see that Chinatown was changing. It wasn’t the place he remembered 20 years ago as a kid. It hit him that at some point of most people’s lives, they swear they’ll never forget certain things. But in the end, people remember what they remember, and forget what they don’t. This went for everyone, Joshua most of all. But he still remembered better than most. And those who remember better than most are doomed to take longer to truly move on. All that aside, in…

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Josh sat idly spacing out at his desk for about 10 minutes when his cell phone rang. “Lake here” he answered without looking.

“Hello Josh.”

Josh went silent for a minute

“Who is this?” he finally asked.

“You might have forgotten my voice over the years Josh but the last time we talked was this morning. You know it’s me.”

“I’m gonna get checked out.”

“I’m sure you will. You weren’t very nice to that girl.”

“She wasn’t very nice to me,” Josh growled.

“Still. That’s no excuse. What’s…

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I look outside the window. The snow is picturesque. In Canada, the cold has a tendency to get into your bones, but inside, in a warm and well-heated building, the white blanket covering the world is deceivingly beautiful. Canada in general is a beautiful country. In the summer, it feels as gorgeous as it looks outside. In many ways, it’s the perfect setting. But I am far from a perfect man. I do not refer to my faults, though they be many. I refer to the homesickness from which I suffer. I close my eyes, and I’m in Egypt, driving…

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Why publish yourself? Because nowadays, you can do it for free. Traditional publishing and the paths leading towards it are unfair, uneven, and generally inconsistent. But if we’re going to bash traditional publishing for its irregularity and unfairness, it only makes sense to be fair ourselves. You need to know what you get out of traditional publishing before postponing it. Or even outright rejecting it. So let’s begin by highlighting its advantages.


1. Buying You Time

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